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Metal Letters

Over 60 different standard letter styles and nearly 70 different finish options with intricate detail.


Plastic Letters

Choose from one of our 32 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo.



The choice of face-lit illuminated letters offer vibrant color and brilliant visibility day or night.

We offer customized Raised 3D lettering, logos and plaques made in metal, plastic, acrylic, LED backlit for Interior Exterior Offices and Stores.
  • Aluminum, brass, bronze, cooper, stainless steel
  • Metal on acrylic or foam
  • Acrylic on foam
  • Multiple Face-Lit options
  • Halo Lit Letters & Logos
  • Made per your art
  • Letters & Logos available multi-piece
  • Custom painting & Finishes
  • Earth-friendly lead & mercury-free alloys

Using lasers, CNC and water jets to precisely cut letters and logos from customer-supplied art files, our flat cut metal products provide superior detail to the router-cut alternative.

We've been producing the highest quality, hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters with all-electric, pollution-free furnaces. We can produce with a variety of finish options, including polished, oxidized and anodized, produced and shipped as quick as art is approved.

Our new line of aluminum fabricated letters which presents a solution for larger letter application where our fabricated stainless steel letter line leaves off, extending custom letter height possibilities up to an impressive scale of 120" high.

Choose from one of our 32 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo. Custom painting and sculpted detail. Made from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) completely recyclable plastic, in a wide variety of standard letters styles. Transform your 2D image into a 3D logo with unmatched depth and visibility.

Our acrylic is available in a wide spectrum of standard pigmented colors or it can be painted to your specifications. Thicknesses range from 1/8" to 1-1/2".

Smooth returns, sharp edges and unblemished letter faces gives the look of cast metal in a plastic product. These letters are extremely durable and will stand up to the scrutiny of indoor applications or the rigors of the outdoors.

PVC, the third most popular plastic, is a good choice for both interior, and exterior letters and numbers. The material is pre-finished, is durable, and has a nice enough look to be viewed up close, and is durable enough to be used on exterior signs. Additionally, PVC is easily painted so color options are endless.

GemLeaf letters use the age-old giding process, the difference is that we utilizes the latest technology to apply a micron's thick coating of metal to our own modified premium extruded acrylic stock, the laser cut.

We use or patented lo laminate .030 solid metal sheets of aluminum to our own modified extruded acrylic. Using a combination of heat, high pressure, and chemical bonding sheet got laminated, then they are routed cut using precision CNC equipment to provide the best mechanical cut possible.

We use .030 solid metal sheets of aluminum that have been treated to provide your desired finish or our own 1/8" thick acrylic. These sheets are then laminated onto rigid high density foam with a .030" ABS backer this is one of six different foam depths.

Gemlite letters are produced with a two-part construction: faces and cans. Both components are formed with UV stable, CAB plastic that has been produce with a translucent material that is custom designed for LED lights.

Our durable and attractive fabricated stainless steel letters make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility. Produce in a wide range of sizes from 6" to 60" high, in multiple rich stainless steel finishes and aluminum options, all lit with one of five LED colors.

Large scale and durable performance combined with sophisticated style in our fabricated aluminum letters with illumination. The look of our fabricated aluminum letters matches perfectly with the subtle and dramatic halo lighting effect produced by our reverse channel LED-lit letters.

For custom illuminated logos and letters that requires exacting precision. LUXE letters face and side lit now offer a removable back to service the LEDs. Available in our four different lighting options with 15 standard face colors. These letters are 1-1/2" deep, 2447 translucent white acrylic.

Nothing communicates quality, strength ans sophistication like handcrafted metal letters and logos. Contact us and get an extraordinary signature.

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