Lab Director

Dylan Gee

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Gee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. She received her B.A. in Psychological and Brain Studies from Dartmouth College in 2007 and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA in 2015. Prior to joining the faculty at Yale, Dr. Gee completed her clinical internship at Weill Cornell Medical College and a research fellowship at the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology. Her research focuses on developmental psychopathology, with primary goals to delineate typical and atypical brain development, elucidate how early environments and genetic factors influence sensitive periods in neurodevelopment and risk for anxiety and stress-related disorders, and translate knowledge of brain development to optimize clinical interventions for children and adolescents.

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Graduate Students

Camila Caballero

Ph.D. Student

Camila is a rising third-year doctoral student at Yale. After graduating from MIT with a B.S. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, she taught middle school students with disabilities in math through Teach for America. As a teacher working with students exposed to daily trauma, Camila observed a heterogeneity of outcomes stemming from variation in her students’ abilities to be emotion regulated. Motivated to begin to learn how to leverage her observations as a teacher into actionable, scientific insight she next worked as a research assistant in John Gabrieli’s lab at MIT. There she worked on a project studying the effect of a mindfulness intervention on the neurocognitive development of low-income, urban students. Camila’s current research focus is investigating the variation in multi-dimensional emotion regulation phenomena between individuals and across development. She is particularly interested in understanding the underlying neural and behavioral mechanisms of emotion regulation as it connects to risk and resilience within the developing brain, especially for children growing up in a high-stress environment.

Emily Cohodes

Ph.D. Student

Emily is a rising fourth-year doctoral student at Yale. After receiving her B.A. from Stanford University, Emily spent three years at the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program, where she coordinated intervention trials testing the efficacy of Child-Parent Psychotherapy and studied children’s development of executive function and parental emotion socialization in trauma-exposed families. Emily’s current research focuses on the neurobiological underpinnings of children’s development of self-regulatory capacities and psychopathology in high-risk developmental contexts, as well as the family-level and environmental factors that influence these pathways. She is particularly interested in investigating whether targeted intervention can mediate the impact of early life stress on children’s neurobiological development. 

Sahana Kribakaran

M.D./Ph.D. Student

Sahana is a rising fourth-year student in the M.D./Ph.D. program at Yale and is completing her Ph.D. in the CANDLab. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience from University of California, Los Angeles, where she worked in Carlos Portera-Cailliau’s lab studying cortical circuitry in mice. Sahana then spent one year at UCSF doing research in Vikaas Sohal’s lab investigating prefrontal cortical circuits underlying cognitive flexibility in the context of neuropsychiatric illnesses. Sahana’s current research interest is in understanding the developmental impact of early life stress on neural circuits in children and adolescents. She is particularly interested in exploring whether new preventive and interventional measures can address maladaptive neurobiological changes in children and adolescents following early life stress. 

Paola Odriozola

Ph.D. Student

Paola is a rising fourth-year doctoral student at Yale. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at University of California Berkeley in 2013, after which she worked as a research assistant at Stanford for 2 years under the direction of Dr. Vinod Menon. There, she was involved in researching the neural basis of speech perception and social processing impairments in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). She then worked as a research associate at the University of Miami in Dr. Lucina Uddin's Brain Connectivity and Cognition Lab researching cognitive flexibility and brain connectivity changes across development in individuals with ASD. Paola is studying how the brain supports the development of emotional behavior and cognition during the transition from childhood to adolescence, and the effects of stress on brain maturation.

Lucinda Sisk

Ph.D. Student

Lucinda is an incoming first-year doctoral student at Yale. After graduating from Whitman College with a B.A. in Biology, she spent 3 years as a research assistant and lab manager in Dr. Ian Gotlib’s lab at Stanford University. There, she worked on projects investigating how stress during early life affects the developing brain in both infants and adolescents, and how such neurobiological changes may in turn be related to the onset of psychopathology. Lucinda’s current research focuses on how traumatic events may affect brain structure and function, and how individual differences may contribute to a person’s vulnerability to or resilience from adversity. She is also interested in the flexibility of structural and functional networks in the brain, and how they change in response to behavioral changes and interventions.

Sarah Bakirci

Master's Student

Sarah is a second-year student in the Yale – University College London joint Master of Research in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology. She received a BSc in Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada during which she completed an internship at the Institute of Medical Sciences at University of Toronto. At U of T, she investigated grief, loss, and vicarious trauma in healthcare professionals and received a Research Undergraduate Opportunity award based on academic merit to carry out her work. During the first year of her Masters at UCL, she worked as a research assistant helping young survivors seeking asylum with the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile. Her research interests lie in early-life adversity and latent vulnerability of trauma, with the goal of elucidating neural correlates of adversity and implementing novel interventions to improve later-life outcomes. At CANDLab, she is completing her thesis on emotion regulation in anxious and non-anxious populations.

Olivia Meisner

Ph.D. Student

Olivia is a first-year graduate student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University where she worked with Dr. Jocelyne Bachevalier to study socio-emotional development in juvenile rhesus macaques. After graduating, she worked at MIT for 3 years with Dr. Guoping Feng and Dr. Bob Desimone to study the typical neurodevelopmental trajectory of wildtype marmosets as well as ASD-like phenotypes in Shank3 marmosets. She is currently rotating in the CANDLab and is interested in studying the neural circuitry underlying typical and atypical emotional development and what factors contribute to resilience to the adverse effects of early life stress.

Full-time Research Assistants

Sarah McCauley

Lab Manager

Sarah graduated from Yale in 2018, where she majored in Psychology. Her interests lie in trauma-informed care, child welfare, and the effects of social and familial relationships on development throughout early life and adolescence. In the future, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue a career as a clinical social worker. Outside of the lab, she volunteers at Hall House Early Learning Center, worked at Calvin Hill Day Care Center & Kitty Lustman-Findling Kindergarten, and was a member of the varsity women's soccer team at Yale.

Sadie Zacharek

Research Coordinator

Sadie graduated in 2018 with a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame, where she studied Neuroscience and Behavior. There she was involved in developmental psychology research focusing on children's language development and statistical learning. She is particularly interested in pediatric psychopathology and the efficacy of early interventions. In the future, she intends to attend graduate school to study either clinical psychology or neuroscience. Outside of the lab, Sadie enjoys running, good coffee, reading, hiking, and skiing.

Lab Alumni

Nisha Sridhar

Summer Research Assistant

Nisha Sridhar is a rising junior at the University of Oregon majoring in human physiology.  At Oregon, is involved as research assistant in the Stress Neurobiology and Prevention (SNAP) Lab as a part of a study examining child-caregiver interactions using electroencephalogram (EEG).  After graduating she plans on attending medical school to pursue a career in pediatric neurology.  In her free time she enjoys biking, and spending time with family, friends, and her chocolate labradoodle.  

Dori Guzman Garcia

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Dori is a senior in Hopper College, majoring in Cognitive Science. Her interests lie in developmental psychology, particularly in understanding the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral changes and psychopathology in children and adolescents, and she hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Neuroscience after graduation. Over the summer, Dori worked at the Yale Cognition and Development Lab. Outside of the lab, she is a member of the varsity women's crew team, as well as an interpreter for the Yale-Partnered HAVEN Free Clinic and the New Haven Legal Assistance Association.

Medha Illindala

Summer Research Assistant

Medha is a junior at Choate Rosemary Hall, and once she graduates, hopes to pursue a major in fields relating to psychology and neuroscience. Although her career path isn’t fully planned out, she developed an interest in going into medicine and specializing in neurology or psychiatry after volunteering in the neurology ward at a hospital. She is also interested in robotics, and was accepted into the Advanced Robotics Concentration at her high school. Outside of academics, Medha has been taking karate for over 10 years, and has received her third degree black belt. 

Lindiwe Mayinja

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lindiwe is a rising senior in Silliman College majoring in Psychology. She is interested in how early life stressors and parental experiences affect the neurobiology underlying emotional regulation development in children. Lindiwe hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in  Clinical Psychology after college, and endeavors to work with children and adolescents. In addition to her work in the CANDLab, Lindiwe is a school intern at the Yale New Haven Hospital Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Unit. In her free time, Lindiwe sings in Magevet, Yale's Jewish a cappella group, tutors math and literacy at Fair Haven School, and will be a First-Year Counselor for Silliman beginning this fall.  

Jason Haberman

Lab Manager

Jason is a former Lab Manager for the Clinical Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab. He graduated with a B.A. from Brandeis University in 2015, where he double-majored in Psychology and Health: Science, Society and Policy. In order to gain varied clinical research experiences, Jason worked in multiple youth-focused labs as an undergraduate, including the Child and Adolescent Research on Development Lab at Brandeis with Ellen Wright and the Harvard Lab for Youth Mental Health with Nancy Lau (Ph.D. candidate) and John Weisz. As a post-bacc, he gained exposure to neuroimaging and cognitive mechanism research in affective disorders through working in McLean Hospital's Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research with Isabelle Rosso and Scott Rauch. Jason is interested in studying the neural and behavioral predictors of treatment outcomes for youth affective disorders, specifically in comorbid populations, so as to improve upon current evidence-based practices.

Adrian Lin

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Adrian is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College pursuing a B.S in Psychology. He has had a lifelong interest in early childhood development and education. In the CAND Lab, he is currently helping with a project investigating the impact of early childhood stress on adolescents’ ability to regulate emotions. Adrian plans to apply to medical school next fall, with the goal of exploring more about the psychosocial impacts on physical health. Outside of the CAND Lab, Adrian is captain of the Yale Men’s Swimming and Diving Team and is also a Consent and Communication Educator on campus. When he is on break, he finds any opportunity he can to surf and spend time on the water.

Neida Moreno

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Neida is a senior majoring in Psychology through the Neuroscience track. She is interested in studying how stress or trauma during childhood (along with genetics) can lead to the development of psychological disorders in adolescence and adulthood. After college she hopes to eventually attend medical school and focus on women's health or psychiatry. Outside of class, Neida volunteers as a Spanish language interpreter at the HAVEN Free Clinic, writes patient narratives through the Living History Project at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and is an Academic Strategies Mentor for the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Zhiliang Fang

Summer Research Assistant

Zhiliang is a rising senior in Pauli Murray College and a visiting student from The University of Hong Kong. She is majoring in Linguistics and is interested in learning about children’s early development and neuroimaging. In the future, Zhiliang hopes to pursue a career in medicine, focusing on the effects of trauma on pediatric populations and possible interventions in emergency response settings. In her free time, she enjoys making art, being involved in theatre productions, and volunteering in the community. 

Iqra Shahzad

Summer Research Assistant

Iqra is a fourth-year undergraduate student from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata, majoring in Biological Sciences. She is interested in Cognitive Neuroscience. At IISER Kolkata, she works under Dr Koel Das and is interested in pursuing a PhD to focus on her research interests.


Ashna Aggarwal

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ashna is a sophomore in Trumbull College, majoring in Cognitive Science while fulfilling pre-med requirements. She hopes to obtain an MD/PhD in the future, and pursue a career focused jointly on clinical practice and neuroscience research. She is particularly interested in the neural basis of mental disorders in children and adolescents, and the factors that can contribute to the onset of mental disorders. Outside of CANDLab, she can be found volunteering with Yale Demos, which teaches science workshops in low-income elementary schools, or dancing with Yale Rangeela. She also enjoys reading, painting, photography, and traveling. 

Uma Raul

Summer Research Assistant

Uma is a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh and is majoring in Psychology. She further wishes to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Neuropsychology. She is interested in learning about neuroimaging and wishes to acquire a deeper understanding of the interactions between the brain and its behavioral responses. She has been working as a research assistant with Dr. Horton since the past year. Their research is focused on the dysregulation of the heart rate variability (HRV) and stress in first-degree relatives of people with Schizophrenia. In her free time, she loves dancing and is on a dance team at Pitt. She also enjoy watching movies and spending time with friends.

Cecilia Livingston

Summer Research Assistant

Cecilia Livingston is a senior in Amity Regional High School, once she graduates from high school in the spring of 2020, she plans on attending University. While she hasn't decided on her major yet, she enjoys learning about neurosciences, political science, and psychology, and will likely pursue a major relating to one of those topics. Outside of CANDlab, Cecilia works at Ashley's Ice Cream in New Haven and enjoys painting and drawing. This summer she will also be attending the Institute for Environmental Journalism in New York City.

Sean McCauley

Summer Research Assistant

Sean is a rising senior at Masuk High School. Upon graduating in the spring of 2020, he plans to attend college and is not sure what major he will pursue. He enjoys classes in mathematics and social studies and looks forward to having such a wide range of college courses to choose from. Outside of CANDLab, Sean plays on the varsity volleyball team at Masuk and is the captain of his travel volleyball team. He also manages another sports team at Masuk and will be working at several camps during summer 2019.

Aviva Abusch

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Aviva is a senior in Pierson College, majoring in Cognitive Science. She is most interested in the societal response to various forms of mental illness, and particularly disorders that impair social behavioral development, such as autism spectrum disorder and anxiety. Over the summer, Aviva studied at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences at the University of Trento, Italy, through their partnership with Harvard Summer School. She hopes to eventually work on changing public policy to increase widespread access to mental health resources. In her free time, Aviva can often be found in a theater, though she occasionally emerges to give tours of Yale and write articles or work on layout for the Yale Scientific Magazine.

Selen Amado

Summer Research Assistant

Selen is a rising senior at Brandeis University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education Studies and Music. She is interested in developmental psychopathology and the treatment of childhood disorders. At Brandeis, Selen works in Prof. Gutchess’s Aging, Culture and Cognition Lab, where she works on research about the effects of culture on memory mechanisms. She wants so pursue a PhD. in Clinical Psychology and work with children with anxiety disorders. In her free time, Selen likes singing with her acappella group, playing the piano, and travelling.

Brittany Clarke

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brittany Clarke is a sophomore in Saybrook College, hoping to major in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. She is interested in how neuroscience and social-behavioral psychology can help make sense of how early life events and environments can affect individuals' brains at differing stages of life. In her post-Yale future, Brittany hopes to explore applied psychology and pursue an advanced degree in this field. Outside of academics, Brittany can be found mentoring for New Haven REACH, having a good time at Danceworks practice, enjoying a savory meal or sweet snack at her favorite local restaurants, taking an energizing nap, or catching up with family and friends.

Clare Beatty

Summer Research Assistant

Clare is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Psychology. At Vanderbilt, Clare works in Dr. Judy Garber’s lab, researching social-cognitive and environmental factors that contribute to the onset of mood disorders. Clare is interested in studying the neural basis of anxiety and depressive disorders. After graduating, Clare hopes to pursue a Ph.D in clinical psychology. She would love to research anxiety disorders through a biological lens and study treatment intervention. Clare is fascinated by the idea that we may tailor treatment based on neural connectivity patterns. Beyond this, Clare is interested in researching the interaction between brain function and genetics in mental health issues like psychopathology and antisocial personality disorder. Outside of the lab, Clare loves to bake, take photographs, draw and spend time with family & friends. 

Rob Colgate

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Rob is a senior in Morse College, majoring in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. His main interests lie in the risk factors involved in the development of affective disorders and exploring different treatment methods, particularly dialectical behavioral therapy. Before working in the CANDLab, he spent time as a research assistant at the Northwestern University Project on Child Development as well as the McNally Lab at Harvard University. He hopes to one day work as a clinical or school psychologist. On campus, he is the co-president of the Yale Undergraduate Mindfulness Education Initiative, which teaches mindfulness workshops in local schools, as well as being a coxswain on the varsity lightweight crew team. Outside of school, he enjoys running, going to concerts, and writing poetry. 

Juan Contreras

Summer Research Assistant

Juan graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2017 with a B.A in Psychology. Prior to joining the CANDLab, he has been a research assistant to Dr. Jason Moser at MSU and Dr. Ethan Kross at the University of Michigan. Additionally, Juan has gained research experience in Dr. Niall Bolger’s lab at Columbia University in the City of New York. Juan’s research interests involve examining salutary placebo effects in emotion regulatory processes with a primary focus on the influences of placebo mechanisms in affective disorders like anxiety and depression. Looking forward, he hopes to contribute scientific basis for novel interventions. Ultimately, Juan hopes to pursue a Ph.D. Clinical Psychology in the near future to focus on his research interests. 

Madeleine Conlin

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maddi is a junior in Davenport College, majoring in Psychology. She is most interested in understanding the underlying neural and behavioral mechanisms of clinical psychopathology, especially in children. Prior to the start of this academic year, Maddi spent her summer working at the Harvard Vision Lab, run by Talia Konkle, where she spent time examining high-level visual representations in the mind, with a primary focus on objects, actions, and scenes. She hopes to pursue a career using applied psychology to create novel treatment options for children as disordered functioning emerges over the course of development. Outside of her academic interests, Maddi is passionate about skiing, traveling, and the outdoors.

Rebecca Crystal

Summer Research Assistant

Rebecca Crystal is a rising senior at Barnard College with a major in Psychology and minor in Education Studies. She is most interested in studying predictors of anxiety disorders in youth populations. Rebecca intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a career in research and/or as a clinical child psychologist.

Jordana Gardenswartz

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jordy (Timothy Dwight ’18) is a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies major with a concentration in Race, Gender, and Politics. She is interested in issues of social inequality and how they intersect with mental health and wellness. After her sophomore year, Jordy worked in the foster care system in New York City and witnessed the importance of effective, accessible mental health care firsthand. On campus, Jordy works as a Peer Wellness Champion and is active in the Slifka Center for Jewish Life. In her free time, she enjoys running, watching Gilmore Girls, and eating froyo.

Emma Goodman

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Emma is a senior in Saybrook College majoring in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. She is particularly interested in how early life trauma enhances susceptibility to developing psychopathology in children and adolescents. Emma plans to attend medical school after graduation and specialize in psychiatry. Outside of the CANDLAB, she serves as co-president of Mind Matters, Yale’s undergraduate-run mental health organization, where she organizes student panels, speaker events, and other mental health awareness programming. In her free time, Emma can be found playing her ukulele and singing at open-mics, reading Victorian novels, or planning her next travel adventure. 

Cristian Hernandez

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cristian is a senior in Saybrook College, hoping to major in Cognitive Science while fulfilling pre-med coursework. Prior to the CANDLab, he was a research assistant in the Motivated Cognition and Aging Brain Lab. His research interests include brain development and how genetics, environment, and other factors play a role in cognition and psychopathology. Outside of the lab, Cristian can be seen performing with his comedy group, serving on the Yale College Council Events Committee, and teaching local high school students about abuse with the Community Health Educators.

Nancy Lu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nancy is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College, hoping to major in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. Her interests include understanding how early life trauma affects disorders such as depression in adulthood. Her interest in psychology arose from working in an epidemiology lab at the Magee-Womens Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied how early life physical and sexual abuse correlated with adulthood disorders such as obesity and depression. Currently, she has a dream of attending medical school and becoming a psychiatrist. She is also a member the Living History Project at YNHH, the treasurer of the New Haven AIDS walk, and an assistant editor of the Yale Journal of Medicine and Law.

Lexi Hopkins

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lexi is a junior in Pauli Murray College, majoring in History of Science, Medicine and Public Health while fulfilling pre-med requirements. She hopes to obtain a MPH/MD in the future and pursue a career in pediatric psychiatry. She is particularly interested in how early childhood trauma leads to mental disorders later on in life. Over the summer Lexi worked in the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program at Yale’s Child Study Center researching treatment methods and maternal influence on childhood anxiety. In her free time, Lexi volunteers with Yale Alzheimer’s Buddies, teaches spin classes on campus, and contributes to the Title IX Advisory Board.

Luise Prüßner

Fulbright Scholar

Luise joined the Psychology Department as Yale’s 2016-2017 Heidelberg Exchange Scholar and a Fulbright grantee. Luise is currently obtaining her M.Sc. in Developmental and Clinical Psychology from Heidelberg University, Germany. After graduating from the University of Hildesheim with a B.Sc. in Psychology, she worked at the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim on a project on the biological causes of autism spectrum conditions and at the Department of Developmental and Biological Psychology in Heidelberg using EEG, eye-tracking and fMRI techniques. Luise is especially interested in the neural bases of adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation strategies in both typical and atypical development.

Elizabeth Kitt

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Elizabeth is a senior in Silliman College, majoring in Psychology. Her interests lie in the field of child clinical psychology with a particular interest in exploring novel methods for reducing childhood anxiety. In addition to her work at the CANDLab, Elizabeth is also involved with the Yale Innovative Interactions Lab, where she studies the role of interactions with dogs and robots on psychological stress under the direction of Dr. Alan Kazdin. Elizabeth plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology post-graduation. In her free time, Elizabeth can be found running on the nearest treadmill, painting the sets of theater productions, or studying Hebrew with the Maimonides Society at Yale.

Amy Kwarteng

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Amy is a senior in Pauli Murray College, majoring in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. Her interests include understanding how psychiatric disorders emerge in adolescents and learning about specific adaptations the brain creates to ensure proper function in the presence of stressful stimuli and abused substances, both natural and synthetic. She hopes to attend medical school in the near future and specialize in psychiatry or neurology. Outside of the lab, Amy is a dancer in Dzana, Yale’s premier African dance group, a logistics coordinator for the Black Solidarity Conference at Yale, and a Pre-frosh advisor, as well as a Student Ambassador for the Yale College Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Sophie Rader

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sophie is a senior in Branford College majoring in Psychology. She is interested in understanding how childhood adversity, particularly in the medical realm, contributes to the development of anxiety in adolescence and beyond. Last year, Sophie worked in the Fundamentals of the Adolescent Brain lab. Outside of the lab, she is the director of fundraising for Circle of Women, a student-run non-profit organization. She transferred to Yale from Pomona College, and is a counselor for new transfer students at Yale. In her free time, Sophie can be found painting, running, watching cooking shows, or running while watching cooking shows.

Mackenzye Smith

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mackenzye is a senior in Pierson College, majoring in the Neuroscience track of Psychology and completing pre-nursing coursework. Before joining the CANDLab, Mackenzye participated in the Science, Technology and Research Scholars (STARS) program and worked as a research assistant in Dr. Steve Chang's lab. Her research interests include studying the development of anxiety disorders and its relationship with intellectual and developmental disorders, in particular autism spectrum disorders. Aside from working in the CANDLab, Mackenzye serves as the President of Yale's Special Olympics chapter, volunteers with the Initiative for Girls and Women with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the Yale Child Study Center, is a member of Students for Autism Awareness at Yale (SAAY), and works as a Student Ambassador for the Yale College Office of Undergraduate Admissions. She hopes to attend a Master's of Science in Nursing program in order to become a Nurse Practitioner after graduating from Yale. 

Janeen Thomas

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Janeen is a senior in Morse College, majoring in Neuroscience and completing pre-med coursework. Her interests lie in understanding how early-life stress affects neurobiological development, and she hopes to pursue a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. Outside of the lab, she is involved with Yale Students of Christ and the Chaplain's Office as well as serving as a peer liaison for visiting international students. She is also a mentor for the Bridges of Hope program in New Haven.

Research Assistants

Haley Hegefeld

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Haley is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College, majoring in Psychology. Last year, she worked in the Social Cognitive Development Lab, also known as the Tiger Lab, studying how children conceptualize the social groups around them. She is particularly interested in how psychological disorders emerge in adolescence and what mechanisms can protect them from this. She hopes to one day work as a clinical psychologist for adolescent women. In her free time, Haley helps run Christian Union at Yale, dances with Groove Dance Company, and watches lots of movies at the Bow Tie Criterion.

Sterling Strother

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sterling is a junior in Ezra Stiles College majoring in Psychology. His primary interests include the development and treatment of mental disorders in children and the roles family members can play in the development of mental disorders. After Yale, he would like to explore opportunities in applied psychology, and potentially look into a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. Sterling plays offensive line for the Yale football team, and enjoys playing music on the trombone, playing basketball, and reading nonfiction in his free time. 

Hannah Logan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hannah is a Senior in Branford college and is pursuing a major in Psychology. She is primarily interested in anxiety and the different ways that it can affect adolescent brain development. Although not yet entirely sure of her post-graduation plans, she is interested in applying her psychology background in consulting or advertising. Hannah played defense for the Yale Women's Lacrosse team for 3 years, and is a Senior Mentor for the Psychology Department. She enjoys skiing, reading psychological thrillers, and spending time with friends and family.

Nathalie Eid

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nathalie is a junior in Davenport College pursuing a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is fascinated in the intersection of evolutionary biology and psychology and wants to learn more about adaptations of the brain in response to stress. She is interested in studying the effects of trauma on the neural circuitry and function of the developing brain, and how this can be linked to behavior and psychopathology. She hopes to go to medical school after graduation. Outside of the CAND lab, Nathalie is a distance swimmer for the Yale Swimming and Diving team and helps run the Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons club.

Landon Allen

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Landon is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College, planning to double major in Psychology and English. His primary interests involve the impact of childhood/adolescent experiences on behavior and cognitive development. Landon has not yet decided his post-graduation plans; however, he is interested in a variety of fields such as education, law, or of course, psychology. On campus, Landon is involved in Splash, an educational outreach organization that invites middle school and high school students to Yale, where undergraduates teach classes on virtually anything. Outside of school, Landon enjoys creative writing, tennis, and spending time with friends and family.  

Zoë Hopson

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Zoë is a sophomore in Davenport College and is planning to major in Political Science while completing pre-med requirements. She is interested in exploring non-biological factors that affect mental health such as income or geographic location. Her goal is to pursue a MPH/MD and eventually pursue a career focused on the neurological effects of mental disorders in under-represented communities. Outside of the lab, she is on the Black Solidarity conference board and on Yale's club soccer team. In Zoë’s free-time, you can find her in the African American Cultural Center, making cards with the Davenport Printing Press, or listening to podcasts. 

Daphne Zhu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Daphne is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles, majoring in Neuroscience. She is particularly interested in the intersection between social cognition and stress-induced neural pathways to psychiatric disorders and hopes to pursue a career in neuropathology in the future. Outside of the lab, Daphne plays clarinet in various ensembles on campus and volunteers with the Hypertension Awareness & Prevention Program at Yale. In her free time, Daphne can be found taking photographs or watching videos.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Adelson

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Elizabeth is a junior in Jonathan Edwards college and is pursuing a major in Psychology in the
Neuroscience track. She is primarily interested in the emergence and treatment of mental
disorders in adolescence and the role the family plays in abnormal development. She plans to
either attend Medical school and specialize in pediatric psychiatry or pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical
Psychology. On campus, she is a high jumper on the Varsity Track and Field team.

Ioann Popov

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ioann is a sophomore in Silliman College, planning to major in Neuroscience. He is interested in the relationships between neural structures and behaviors. He is especially interested in the effect of environmental factors on neural circuitry in children. After graduation from Yale, he hopes to attend medical school and become a psychiatrist.  In addition to working at the CAND Lab, Ioann works at the YCBA as a research assistant, is a project manager for the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association and is the assistant conductor of the Yale Russian Chorus. In his free time, Ioann can be found debating on the floor of the Independent Party, playing in online chess tournaments, or reading philosophy. 

Cailin Arechiga

MPH Student

Cailin is a 1st year MPH student at Yale.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017.  Her interests include exposure to adversity and toxic stress in childhood and adolescence and the development of chronic autoimmune disease later in life, particularly gastrointestinal diseases.  In the future, she hopes to help children in Hispanic communities who are affected by anxiety and trauma.  Cailin enjoys reading, yoga, tap dancing, and Facetiming her dog Hadley who lives in California.

Georgia Spurrier

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Georgia is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin college majoring in Psychology. She is particularly interested in the psychological and behavioral effects of early-childhood trauma and attachment disorders as well as the effects of parenting on development. She hopes to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work with children and families to mitigate the effects of trauma. Outside of the lab, Georgia is an intern at the Yale New Haven Hospital Children’s Psychiatric Inpatient Unit and dances with the Peristalsis Dance Group. In her free time, Georgia can be found babysitting, at club gymnastics with friends, or reading nonfiction.

Marisa Rogers

Research Assistant

Marisa is a junior at the University of New Haven majoring in Community Clinical Psychology. She is particularly interested in neuropsychology and ways in which early life stressors affect brain development. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school and ultimately help children as a neuropsychologist. In her spare time, you can find her reading, baking, or spending time with family and friends.

Caryl Behmoiras

Nursing Student

Caryl is in her first of a three year masters’ program with Yale School of Nursing. She is pursuing her licensure as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurse. Caryl is interested in working with children who have chronic illnesses. She is particularly interested in learning how to minimize anxiety and PTSD and improve overall mental health outcomes for these children. Outside of Yale, Caryl volunteers with her family at the Ronald McDonald House, practices Irish Dance, and loves going to the movies. 

Nicholas Ruiz-Huidobro

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nico is a junior in Trumbull College in the Cognitive Science and Human Rights programs. He is interested in psychopathology and its effects on memory systems, as well as the social and environmental determinants of mental health. He is considering going to graduate school for law and public health, and is planning to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the future. Outside of lab, Nico works with a few student publications, is involved in the Peruvian club, and tutors with the Center for Language Study. In his free time, he can be found reading, napping, or exploring the Yale University Art Gallery.

Jasmyne Pierre

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jasmyne is a sophomore in Trumbull College, majoring in Psychology in the Neuroscience track. She is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral changes and psychopathology in children and adolescents, and she hopes to pursue a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. On campus, Jasmyne is on the Women's Center board and involved in groups based out of the Afro-American Cultural Center. In her free time, she can be found reading, knitting, crocheting, or making music with friends.

Hopewell Rogers

Research Assistant

Hopewell graduated from Yale in 2018, where she studied English and was pre-med. Her main interest is psychological trauma, and particularly the role that narrative and storytelling can play in helping individuals and communities in the aftermath of violence. Outside of school, she splits time between central Baltimore and rural Florida, but New Haven feels like a real home to her as well. While at Yale, she’s enjoyed an off-campus job as a writer and editor at Love146, a non-profit that serves survivors of child trafficking here in Connecticut and abroad. She also spends time babysitting for kids in the local foster system, workshopping essays with fellow students as a Writing Partner, coming up with food-related study breaks as a Chaplaincy Fellow, watching nature documentaries, and riding her bike to friends' houses in Westville or Beaver Hills.


Michael Vanderlind

Michael is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Weill Cornell Medicine/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Broadly speaking, he is specializing in understanding brain-behavior relations among youth with psychiatric disorders. To this end, he conducts clinical neuropsychological evaluations with children, adolescents, and young adults presenting with a range of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders as well as co-morbid medical conditions. In addition, he is working with Dr. Dylan Gee and the CAND Lab at Yale on research examining cognitive-emotion interactions within mood and anxiety disorders across development. Michael’s overall research aim is to elucidate cognitive risk factors for emotional disturbance among youth. Prior to his postdoctoral fellowship, Michael earned his B.S. in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011 and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yale University in 2019.